Modern construction: Organic coil-coated steel promises new perspectives.

Modern construction sets high demands on functionality and visual look. Our high-end innovative material designed by Alloy Steel provides building solutions that complement surroundings in an eco-friendly and safe way with the colored organic coatings.


To merge buildings harmoniously with their surroundings in an environmentally friendly way through the use of colored organic coatings is one of the targets of Alloy Steel.

Due to the coil-coating process, our sheets offer easy processing, high quality, and maximum protection from corrosion. Additionally, they feature a diverse range of surfaces for the designs of facades. Our practice ensures new opportunities to designers, engineers, architects, and project managers: from air-conditioning and sanitary systems to interior fittings and steel engineering, from the roof to the wall up to garage doors.
The organic coil-coated high-class flat steel is especially flexible to use. It is also used to manufacture high-quality structural elements for garage doors, facades, roofs, and so on. Within the limits of product innovations, there are also our walls with the anti-graffiti coating along with a variety of color reflections. One provides new impulse, while our innovative steels with zinc-aluminum alloys or zinc-magnesium coatings truncate the portfolio.


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